Jai Jalaram Timber Mart

About Jai Jalaram Timber Mart

Acclaimed traders and dealers of high quality Timber and other by-products like doors and other interior segment products etc., we at Jai Jalaram offer cost effective solutions to suit customer needs. Our items are of exquisite quality, strength and termite resistant for which our customer base stands as a standing proof. We promise speedy delivery at competitive prices on all our items. Regarding quality, our timber is dampness free as we procure only from the top suppliers.

We began our journey in 1985 in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh as a timber exchanging association. Our integral values like morality, respect and regard to both our workers and clients have expanded our customer base, bringing us to where we are now.

We have ready stock of the best quality timber from across the globe to cater to the varied requirements of our clients who look for Burma Teak, African Teak, Malaysian Sal, Marbou[Australian Honne].

Our multi-segmented customers include draftsman, developers and interior decorators in our vast client base. Our employees work in sync with each other and efficient in their own field. Our team always works in close association with the customers to deliver quality goods at affordable prices and on time, every time.

The experience of handling a variety of goods for a varied sect of customers has helped us garner an experience that has transformed into expertise. Started Jai Jalaram Timber Meet in 1985 in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh and we have outgrown in various measures with the help of the dedicated team and our commitment to do what is promised and beyond that.Mission
To be the leading timber company that offers one-stop destination services from procuring raw materials to finished quality products, on time with utmost quality being the priority.

To constantly upgrade the level of services, the technology and keep a work culture that effortlessly surpasses the benchmark in the industry.Services
Getting quality finished timber products is a gap that we have been addressing relentlessly through the years of service. Our end-to-end delivery model reduces the stress on customers and also allows us offer customised products that are created to last.

  • Cutting division: We handle the fuss of procuring raw materials from our sources that ensure the best in class that maintain our set standards.
  • Planning division: From creating unique, smart designs to moulding and converting them into finished products, we do it all. We work along the customers to understand their requirement to give expected products.
  • Counter sales division: Apart from regular services we also provide counter sales services that helps the customers understand the products before making the purchase.