Jai Jalaram Timber Mart


  • Burma Teak
  • A top choice among builders, Burma Teak is easy to work with and highly durable. We source our Burma teak from the best suppliers in the business to delver high quality products to our customers. Burma teak is popular for its stability and resistance to rot. It contains a lot of natural oil thus making it weather resistant. It can be used in places where water logging is an issue as the oils will keep it from seeping in. It will also maintain it’s form in sunny regions and adopt a beautiful silver-grey tinge when exposed to sunlight.

  • African Teak
  • The African teak is a hardwood ideal for furniture such as dining tables and beds. Known for it’s distinct brown color, this wood is sturdy and a good fit for big scale projects such as flooring. The wood is also suitable for making decorative veneers, as it will hold form and take on the desired shape. This makes it a versatile wood to use for a variety of jobs in and around the house! We offer the best quality African Teak, great for homes and furniture stores.

  • Malaysian Sal
  • The Malaysian Sal is a top pick for wooden interiors. It is a durable and strong wood that can last years. It is easy to cut, chip and saw this wood, and use for furniture or flooring. The Malaysian Sal has a distinct appearance with a grainy pattern running all over it. This makes it easy to blend with the rest of your furniture and decor. We will cut the wood to your specifications. Malaysian Sal can be polished to help the wood last longer and lend it a unique sheen.

  • Australian Honne
  • Australian Honne is a thick wood known for its strong nature. It is much denser and sturdier than teak and happens to be the second most preferred wood in India. This wood is a great choice for doors, windows, floors and furniture. It is easy to modify Australian Honne to exact specifications, giving it a slight advantage over teak. This wood automatically adapts to weather conditions. It has a cooling effect on its surroundings during hot and humid months. In winters, the wood warms up the room, thus making it a great choice, all year round!

  • Neem Wood
  • Neem is a reddish to reddish-brown wood that looks unique and pleasing. Ideal for furniture and doors, neem has closely locked grains, which makes it strong and tough to split. However, it is easy to work with this wood and can be used for big projects such as tables and small intricate items such as toys. This wood has a slight scent to it making it ideal for making panels for decorative roofs and beams. This wood is free from pest issue such as termites and borers.

  • Pine Wood
  • Pine wood is a soft wood extensively used in the furniture industry. It has a light color that is almost whitish in appearance. This lends the wood a unique appearance. It is ideal for making rustic furniture and conventional décor. Once the wood is converted into furniture, it will develop a stiff and sturdy appearance. This wood is resistant to shock and will not chip, crack or break easily. It will also not shrink or swell as much as other types of woods. We provide the best quality pine wood to our customers.

  • Beach Wood
  • Beech wood is traditional wood, used for centuries to make dressers, sofas and tables. This wood is easy to work with and preferably used for curvy furniture. Beech wood is strong and durable. It is a shock resistant wood that does not chip or flake. It has unique patterns and designs making it ideal for living room and bedroom furniture. It is also extensively used to make door and window frames. The Beech wood we supply is top quality and ideal for a variety of projects.